Book Tour

Times/dates are subject to change

July 2, 630 PM London (H.S. Chapman Society) (details)

September 10, 12 PM New York City, 12 pm (Brennan Center for Justice) (details and rsvp)

September 10, 7 PM Washington D.C., 6:30 pm (University of California D.C. Center) (details and rsvp)

September 11, 12 pm Boston,  (Boston College Law School – American Constitution Society (details)

September 12, 12 pm Chicago (John Marshall Law School – Chicago American Constitution Society) (details and rsvp)

September 20, 7 pm Los Angeles,  part of panel program for LA ALOUD) (details and RSVP)

September 27, 4 pm, University of Montana (details) (to take place before the Montana Election Law conference)

October 1, 12:30 pm, Stanford (Stanford Law School – American Constitution Society) (details)

October 1, 5 pm, UC Berkeley (UC Berkeley Law School – American Constitution Society) (details)

October 2, 12 pm, Sacramento (American Constitution Society (details and rsvp)

October 8, 12:50 pm, Williamsburg, VA (William & Mary Law School) (details)

October 10, 12 pm, Lexington, KY (University of Kentucky Law School)

October 17, 12:15 PM, UCLA Law (American Constitution Society (details)

November 3, 2 pm, Portland (Reed College, details)